Secure Insecurities

As a “Pastor’s Kid” I was raised in church. Every single time the doors where open we were there! As most of us kids with a ‘drug’ problem (drug to church) like me could, I could tell you the basic Bible stories in my sleep! As a leader, some of my favorite lessons woman holding bookto teach the children is Moses in a Basket, Moses and the Burning Bush, Moses and the Ten Plagues of Egypt, Moses and the Red Sea, Moses and the Ten Commandments….. see a pattern here? Yes, Moses is my THIRD favorite Bible hero, only behind Jesus and David! I’ve always looked up to Moses’  “Go get ‘em” attitude. God said, “Do”…. Moses did! It wasn’t until I sat down and really read Exodus 4, that I realized how much I relate to him, though. The thing that I’ve always looked up to him for, isn’t exactly what I thought it would be! When God called out to him from a burning bush – Moses was ready to have a conversation! (I personally would’ve run in the opposite direction, and thought I was going CRAZY!) When God told Moses to raise his hand over the Red Sea – up it went! (Me: “Say WHAT NOW, God?!”) However, when God asked him to SPEAK to his people – Moses questioned God? Wait…. Back up! God was talking to him, from a bush, and had JUST turned his staff into a snake then back into a staff AND gave and healed his hand from Leprosy! Come on, man?! HOW do you question God after seeing all of that? *insert brief pause here* I had to take a minute after that one. How many times have I been in awe of an amazing sunset, or looked at a newborn with tears in my eyes? I’ve prayed prayers thanking God for healing woman standing in front of brown wood plank, or hands of safety! I stand on my belief in what God can do! Nevertheless, I still tell God that I’m not good enough. I tell him someone else could do that better… I’m not qualified. I don’t have enough experience. I just don’t think I’ll have the time……. Can anyone else relate?  Ouch. I don’t know about you, but that one hurts! Here, let me help! Moses questioned God, but he was still willing to be obedient. Aren’t you glad that God still hears our concerns? God was irritated with Moses second guessing him, but he still made a way for Aaron to help him and was faithful to Moses and His people! Are you feeling like God is asking you to move forward in your calling? Do you think that God is knocking on your heart, but you just don’t feel equipped to take the next step? TRUST HIM! He knows exactly what he’s doing. As many Pastors will tell you, God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called! Get out there! Be obedient! If God is calling you to it, He will surely help you through it!

woman looking at sunset

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