Blessings Greater Than Sliced Bread

wheat breadWe’ve all heard someone say that we tend to “treat God like a pill bottle”, meaning that we only go to him when we have an ailment or a problem we can’t solve. With this being true, my heart has been pricked lately of treating God like he’s “just enough.” Praying prayers of, “God, if you just give me (*insert settlement here*), it will be enough for me!” I’ve settled for the thing that would just make me okay, versus the amazing plans that I know God has for me! I think that maybe we do this in our daily lives as much as our spiritual lives! With Christmas approaching in the coming months, I think about being an 8 year old writing a letter to Santa! I wanted EXACTLY what was on my list, nothing less would do! I expected greatness from a jolly man, dressed in red, whom I had never personally seen. Why? Because he had always provided before, why would he stop? If a child can believe in a bearded, cookie loving, reindeer training man, why is it so hard for us to believe in an indestructible, never changing, heart fulfilling Provider?

While in my study time, God brought me to scripture on Jesus scouting out his disciples. In John chapter one, we read that Jesus is followed by John, Andrew, Simon Peter and Philip. After Jesus called out to Philip, Philip decided to bring a friend! Enter, Nathaniel. Now, Nathaniel is similar to whom a lot of us might be like. When Philip told Nathaniel that he and his friends had found the same man that Moses and all the Prophets had been writing about, Nathaniel caught a case of sarcasm! Let’s be honest, wouldn’t we?

Nathaniel basically told Philip that nothing GOOD could come from Nazareth, but Philip was determined. When Jesus saw Nathaniel, He called out to him. He acknowledged him as genuine and a man of integrity. Confused about why this stranger would complement him so highly, Nathaniel asked Jesus how He knew him. Jesus responded telling him that he had seen him before Philip even went to him! Y’ALL, HE PIN POINTED HIS EXACT blur cartography close up conceptLOCATION! Sometimes, that’s enough. Right? We ask God for proof and, at the first sign of any small blessing, we accept that what he has given us is the greatest thing since sliced bread! That’s exactly what Nathaniel thought too! He called him teacher and said, “You ARE the King of Israel!” I mean, because of course he is?! Any other King, would accept that and move on, but not Jesus! See, Jesus knew that there was more instore for Nathaniel, just like He knows is the case for us! Jesus questioned Nathaniel saying, “Because I said to you, ‘I saw you under a fig tree’ do you believe?” I can just see him sort of scoff at this point – “You will see greater things that these!” He finishes by telling Nathaniel that he will be present when “heaven opens and the angels of God ascend and descend on the Son of Man.”

When I read all of this, I thought about my prayer. Personally, I have a prayer requesthands people woman girl that I have been praying over for several months now! One that I keep asking God to give me, “just enough”. Would I be happy with the just enough? OF COURSE… but I want more. I serve and worship the King above all Kings! I am the Child of the MOST HIGH

God! I know that God has more instore for me just like He did for Nathaniel! I want God to pour out blessings as big as seeing Heaven opened! I want the just enough, and everything else he has to offer! I choose to accept the expectation of a God who sees NOTHING as impossible! Do you?

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