Purpose Is Greater Than Bitterness

adults bed blur casualA while ago, I was talking to my sister about the overwhelming life of being a young woman who is just getting her life started. As she was telling me about school and finding a job, I was thinking about all of the events that will be happening over this holiday season and the responsibilities that I hold that will have to be completed. I mulled over all of the things that I know will need to happen, and began to stress myself out! As women, I think we do this more often than not and most of the time we end up like a bunch of chicken with our heads cut off, spreading ourselves too thin, and getting burnt out before the process even begins. For me, I know that once I hit the “burn out” phase, I dark darkness loneliness mysterystart to question my identity, and let me tell you….. That is NOT where you want to be! When you reach the point of losing your purpose you begin to feel unwanted, unworthy, and useless. It’s a terrible place to be, especially when you are trying to live a Proverbs 31 lifestyle. It’s in those moments that I have to remember that no matter how low I get, I HAVE PURPOSE. I’m reminded of Tamar. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, here’s the “Malori version”. Tamar had a husband who was evil in God’s sight, so he was killed. After his death, Tamar’s Father-in-Law, Judah, asked another son to give her children in his brother’s honor. When that brother disobeyed, God saw that to be wrong, and he was killed as well. Judah then told Tamar to go to her father’s house and reside until his third son was to come of age, knowing good and well that he was not willing to fulfill his promise in fright that he would lose a third son. After the death of Judah’s wife, Tamar realized Judah was not keeping his promise and instead posed as a prostitute and became pregnant with Judah’s babies (SURPRISE, twins!). Needless to say, Tamar was full of spite. She had to have felt worthless and angry! How could someone so bitter have purpose for God?! Personally, I know that I struggle with bitterness in the form of attitudes and disrespect. When something doesn’t go the way I plan, I lash out…. Typically, at my husband… (SORRY, HONEY!) I know that acting this way is not the way a Proverbs 31 woman should react, but there seem to be those days that, no matter how hard I try, I just lose it?! So, I ask myself how does that look as an example to my peers, teenagers, or even my future kids by acting in this

woman falling in line holding each othermanner, and I find that I have a God who can restore and use someone who used to be just as spiteful and bitter as myself AND Tamar! Although I personally don’t know if Tamar found the purpose God had given her, we know that down the line, she becomes the great, great, (add several “greats” here), great Grandmother of Jesus! In finding this fact, I know that THERE IS A BIGGER PLAN, and when I overwhelm myself, I need to immediately start praying that God will give me strength and focus to get everything complete without freaking out on my loved ones. Maybe you’re someone like me! Maybe this time of the year is your favorite, so you have everything planned and ready! Even though I haven’t been a holiday planner very long, I’ve already learned to NOT get my hopes up on a smooth family gathering! Not to mention all the other things that December holds! Something is going to overwhelm me, or not go just the way I planned. I’m sure that this will probably be the same for some of you! So please join me in praying about it now, before we’re feeling down! Let’s ask God to give us all a peace this season, because only He can help us all stay “golden brown” and not become burnt out!

christmas gold balls

Author: Malori Walsh






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