It is what it is?

“Never assume the way it is, is the way it has to be”

As I was listening to a podcast, I was snapped to attention when I heard the speaker those words, “Never assume the way it is, is the way it has to be”. Has it ever happened to you before where you are going along casually listening to something when a phrase just jumps out at you? That’s what I’m talking about here…It’s as if this simple, yet profound, statement came flying out of my phone waving it’s arms, jumping up and down saying “Hear me! Hear me!”

Now don’t get me wrong, its not like this was not something I didn’t already know, in concept, but I think that the years of ministry, the constant running, going, doing, etc had caused me to drift away from the powerful reality of that statement.

It’s like that in life. We get so busy and consumed in fixing the problems around us on our own that we just accept the “It is what it is” mentality. We think our boss has always been unreasonable and so it’s always going to be that way. We think that we don’t have the education or training for a higher paying job and so we are never going to get ahead in life. We think that we’ve suffered from depression since we were young and so that’s the way it’s always going to be. We begin to think our kids will never change, government/politicians will never change, our society will never change, etc. We accept doctor’s reports that condemn us to a life of barrenness, a lifetime of medications, a limitation on the number of our days on this earth…I could go on and on and on with the things I have heard people condemn to a future of failure based on what currently is….That’s the way that man thinks, but GOD’s Word says: “I can do all things throughReading Bible Christ Jesus which strengthens me”, It says “I know the thoughts I think toward you…thoughts of peace, and not of evil…” It says “If you have faith of a mustard seed….nothing shall be impossible unto you”. It says “. . . .whatsoever he doeth shall prosper”…It says “He delivers and rescues and works signs and wonders in heaven and in earth” It says “by His stripes, I am healed”, it says that I am “a joint-heir with Christ”, it says “The Lord shall make me the head and not the tail”, it says all of these things and so much more. His word is full of promise, help and hope for my future – not failure and mediocrity!

Because of the way that I grew up and lived my early adult life so many would have condemned me to a lifetime of barely getting by and day after day of nothing much . . . probably making bets on whether I would avoid being locked up at some point. . . .but GOD SAID that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”!! I am his beloved child and because I have relationship with Jesus, I have the power to overcome the trappings of this world to be who HE has called me to be. I don’t have to settle for what is, or what was, but can have hope and confidence in what WILL BE! I can pray for my community, schools, government, sickness and infirmities, my finances, my job, my children, my Tree alonehome and can EXPECT to see changes. I’m not talking about those table top prayers that we recite out of habit…I’m talking about praying with that zeal and confidence we prayed with when we first got a hold of God’s power. Do you remember that time? How often do we pray with that kind of confidence, boldness and enthusiasm? We get busy, we grow cold, we become indifferent, we get complacent. We still utter the words even though we have kind of given up in our hearts. I encourage you to reach back into your memory for that time when you prayed with absolute conviction over the things that troubled you and find your way back there.  God has not changed, his word is still true and his power is a mighty as ever! What is, is NOT what has to be with God!


Author: Audra Walsh

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