Lesson Learned

Feeling lighter upon waking this morning….a huge weight has been lifted through revelation knowledge…. I am strong-willed, independent and an expert in the things of God, people and relationships…..or so I thought……NOT! Our loving Father has tenderly relieved me of duties that I acquired through self-promotion…duties never meant for me, but for Him alone. My eyes wide open, I see that circumstances  I so fervently tried to battle board game castle challengeavert, actually progressed and magnified because of my ill attempt to manipulate others into responding, speaking and feeling  the way I thought they should. My intentions were good, but I was never called to play God.  I have repented and thank the Lord, for showing me that to love as Jesus loves doesn’t mean that I manipulate and control others into being the people that He wants them to be or to force them into the relationships He wants them to have…. His job…not mine. Admittedly, I have only stood in the way and my efforts have caused delay in the completion of His great work….That being said, looks like I’ll now have extra time to love on the ones Jesus has called me to love….now that’s my job!

dawn sunset beach woman

Author: Lisa Keeler




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