Bad Days

Do you ever have one of those days were you feel like you have failed as a parent? Today toddler with red adidas sweat shirtwas one of those days for me. I picked my boys up from basketball practice and my 11 year old was so irritable. He was being very hateful to his brother. I finally had enough and told him that he was grounded from the internet for the evening. No Fortnight for him! He didn’t say another word the rest of the way home.
He was grouchy most of the evening. Complaining about how hungry he was. FYI, it takes time to cook! Geez! Complaining that he was too hot. If he wasn’t complaining he was in his room sulking because he couldn’t get on his favorite game.  Right before bedtime he comes into the kitchen with a stuffed animal I had never seen before. He made sure I seen it, so I asked him where he got it. He was laughing a weird kind of laugh. He joked and said he stole it, and then laughed harder when I insisted he tell me where he got it. Finally he told me that his girlfriend gave it to him because today was her last day at school. She is moving hundreds of miles away.
That’s when I realized that my little boy’s heart broke today. This would be the last day

he would see his special best friend since the middle of last year. He went on to tell me that her family moves a lot. I knew she had just relocated here last year, but didn’t realize relocating was something she had to do often. Bless her, I know that is so hard on her.

mother and daughter sitting on tree log

Today I’m reminded that kids have bad days too and sometimes they can’t verbalize their feelings so they lash out. They get grouchy. They get irritable. Today I feel like I failed as a parent. I will do my best to be better tomorrow.
As I write this, I hear him tossing and turning in his bed. Maybe I have time to make up for my bad day after all. I’m going to go snuggle with my baby for a little while and thank God for 2nd chances.

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