Paying It Forward

woman in brown classic trench coat eating mcdo fries during daytime

Scrolling through Facebook and again I see a picture of a man and his children eating a meal that was “Payed Forward”.

It seems like I see similar pictures and stories about how someone is buying a meal for someone, giving shoes to a baby, buying school supplies for needy children, etc every time I get on Social Media. And to be honest with you, it drives me nuts! It seems so demeaning to those in need and very self- gratifying  for the one “Paying It Forward”

Don’t get me wrong, I believe we should feed the hungry, clothe the poor, collect school supplies for children in need, volunteer in homeless shelters, my goodness the list goes on and on and on of the things we should be doing for others! But should we be photo of a boy near leavesposting everything we do for others on Social Media? Should we be plastering their pictures for the whole world to see? I don’t believe so. I don’t believe that God tells us to “give and it shall be given unto you” so we can shame those people just so others will pat us on the back and tell us how good of a person we are. Nope, not at all! We should give to those in need because we want to bless them, to edify God, not to lift ourselves up.

Matthew 6:3 But When you give to the poor, don’t let your left hand know what you right hand is doing. (International Standard Version) In other words, when you help someone in need, don’t let anyone know about it! We are to lay up our treasures in Heaven, not in this earthly world. When we get the pat on the back, you are such a good person reaction from people, that is our reward.

When we are blessing to others it feels good.  It makes us happy. Blessing others blesses our soul. God sees us Paying Our Blessing Forward, and He in return blesses us beyond measure for it. We shouldn’t want or need a pat on the back from society.

Also, I fully believe we should testify when God pours His blessings out on us. And when He uses other people to bless us, sure we want to tell others about it. We want to share how Great our God is and how obedient His children are to bless others as He has blessed them. But we don’t have share the name of the person. God knows who they are, so let their reward be in Heaven. That is worth so much than any reward the world can offer.

I really didn’t want my first blog post to be a rant, but it really hurts my heart to see people being shamed, albeit not intentionally, from the very ones that are lending them a helping hand. The Pay It Forward movement should be more about helping and less about receiving.


Author: Dana Capps

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