I Have This Thing. . .

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Every September I have this thing…it’s called a birthday. And about 10 years ago, something major happened in my life that allowed me to have perspective about what really matters. Throughout the year, I still get overwhelmed and stressed about the daily activities of life because, we are all imperfect and want to run away from it all at times.

So, every September, as the birthday draws near, at first, I sigh. Then, I remind myself to stop. I take a breath and remember that the chaos and business of being a mom, working this career path that God picked out for me and the never-ending projects that are always at home mean that I am needed, alive and loved.

For me it’s about finding a reset button, reviewing priorities and then refocusing my commitments.

The word commitment is a noun.  It is the act of pledging or promising oneself to complete an objective, goal or mission.  IE, I made a commitment. Made is the verb.  For some reason commitment feels so much “more” than that at times.  A house is a noun. A phone is a noun. Coffee is a noun. So why does commitment feel so hard and something we don’t even want to use in a sentence?

My answer is because sometimes, my life is full of hot messes and I am moving from one priority to the next and my top priorities or commitments are usually the things I care the most about and I take them for granted.  Like, God, my family and myself.

If you stopped for 5 minutes and asked yourself, what is your commitment? What would be your response? If your responses get the most of your attention and time throughout the day and week – then way to go!!!

If not, it’s time to set some healthy adjustments in your professional and personal life.


Do you spend time on your phone or in your Bible?  Do you spend time watching TV or walking outside?  Do you spend time eating dinner at the table with your family or wherever everyone lands?  I’m not judging anyone… I’ve been there when I wanted a moment to myself and my phone carried me away and I didn’t have to think anymore for the day.

I thank God, my family and my friends who love me through my daily moments where I forgot for a minute they are my commitment and then help me to the other side, so we can keep on trucking!

Let’s make a commitment to not waste anymore time.  We don’t get it back.

Author: Autumn Eklond

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