Moms are rare jewels

Mother’s come in all forms, shapes and sizes. Some are mothers by biology while others are mothers by love. Some have the role thrust upon them unexpectedly while others plan for it. For some it happens easily while others yearn, pray and work very hard for it. 

No matter how you get to be a mother, one thing is the same for all mothers…. it’s hard work! There is an old saying that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. While I understand the thought behind this, it’s not entirely accurate. .   No matter how much you love your children and love being a mother, it is very hard work. As young children there always meals to cook, diapers to change, laundry, Lego castles to build, teaching them how to talk, teaching manners, teaching them how to be safe and the list goes on. . . And if you have more than one child you are usually doing several of these things at the same time. As they grow older, things change. Some people would say that things get easier when kids are older and can do things for themselves but I would argue that it only gets harder. 

Guiding your child through the perils that they face once peer pressure enters their life is like navigating a mine field. One wrong step in any direction can have undesirable results. And then when the opposite sex enters the picture….oh my. Trying to comfort a child through the sting of rejection or betrayal is a source of great anguish for mothers. Even after your child feels better you still carry that burden…did I say the right things? Did something else happen that I should know about? Have I equipped my child with the tools they need to deal with these things? I wonder how much trouble I would be in if I went and slapped him around for her? Could I do it  without leaving a mark? And the thing is, it just never stops…whether it’s attending college, getting married or having children of their own those moments of anguish don’t go away….the thoughts you have that you never tell anyone about don’t  let up. 

The funny thing about all of those things is that no matter how hard and painful they can be, mothers embrace the challenge. They meet each new situation head on and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Mother’s are made of special stuff. They are rare jewels that can be tough as nails, ferocious in defense of their child, and in the next moment be as soft and tender as a feather floating on the breeze.  It’s really incredible if you think about it. 

Your mother may not be perfect, but who could be with such constant, rigorous demands placed on them every day? If she is still with you, take time today to let her know how special she is. If she is no longer living take time to day to reach out to another mother figure in your life and let them know how much you appreciate the role they have on your life. Its a hard job they’ve got.

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