Living a Proverbs 31 life

Since I was a young girl I have had a desire to write. I used to dream of being a novelist and as a teenager even started a few but somewhere along the way “life” happened. I got busy with the things teenagers get busy with and left my heartfelt passions laying around to get covered up while I was busy pursuing worldly pursuits. Those worldly pursuits took me a lot places – most of them places that I shouldn’t have been and did not want to go. Thankfully, the Lord was with me always and protected me from catastrophic harm and was finally able to love me into a relationship with him.  My life after that was just as hectic as before but now all my energies were focused in the right direction and I was finding renewed energy, a sense of purpose and a peace in my spirit.

Before I knew it I was a middle aged wife and mother with five children, six grandchildren. I am a pastor’s wife, a worship leader and a women’s leader. I am a counselor, a prayer warrior, a confidant and a mentor. I have worked ‘normal’ 40+ hour work week jobs producing goods or services for another company’s benefit for over 30 years and yet I find the writing bug still gnaws at me. I still have a desire to write and I have found that the desire has grown over time. In looking at where I am in my life I came to the realization that if I don’t do something about it now, there is a good chance I will never do it. . . .so this is my first step in pursuing a life long passion. It’s kind of exciting and kind of scary at the same time but I am just going to put one finger in front of the other on this keyboard of mine and go for it.

When beginning to research the how to’s of blogging, one of the first things ‘they’ tell you is that your blog has to have a focus. That was hard for me because I just have some many thoughts floating around in my head of the things I would like to share. I landed on 31 Living because being a Proverbs 31 woman covers so much territory…. Being a Godly wife and mother, working with your hands, running a household, etc. So on any given day I may be writing about a subject God has put on my heart related to holy living or I might share one of my favorite crafts or recipes. I might share some personal experiences that shed light on being a mother or spend time talking about what it is like living life when others keep you on a pedestal. Who knows where this will take me, but I am excited to start the journey. I hope you will share it with me and enjoy it also!

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